Electrical Home Inspection in Ridgewood

Your home is an investment. Something that you’ve put time and money into. It shelters you and your family and is a place of comfort and security. It protects you, which is why you should want to return the favor. Mardel Electrical Contractor is the best in electrical home inspection in the Ridgewood area. For many years, we have helped homeowners keep their homes safe by providing exceptional service.

Reasons Why You Should Schedule an Electrical Assessment

Before purchasing or renovating your Ridgewood home; it is crucial that you set up an electrical assessment. Getting an inspection can save you from potential complications later on. According to the NFPA, electrical problems are the chief cause of house fires.

Thanks to modern day electrical wiring, we can enjoy the luxuries of technology. We often take the power of electricity for granted. Things like: our air conditioners, computers, heater, TV and lighting all runs on it. When there is a power outage, 20 minutes can feel like an eternity. If your power is going out frequently it’s possible that your wiring has serious underlying issues. You’ll need to have it checked out right away.

At Mardel Electrical Contractor we do our best to prevent wiring hazards; so you’ll never have experience something as traumatic as a house fire. Call Mardel Electrical Contractor when:

  • Purchasing your home
  • Your home is 40 years or older
  • Buying a new appliance
  • Your home has had major renovations

If your Ridgewood home falls under any other these, call us now for a quote!

Benefits of Bringing in Professional Inspectors:

  • Ensures the safe operation of the electrical components in the home
  • The inspectors can locate common electrical mistakes made by contractors and DIY homeowners
  • Recognizing outdated electrical wiring
  • Locate degraded/worn out electrical wiring
  • Discovery of problematic fuses and breakers/fire hazards.
  • Saves energy and reduces costs
  • Insurance risk assessment inspections requirements will inform you whether this home purchase is a safe and smart investment.

Residential Electrical Checklist:

  • Verify proper light bulb wattage.
  • Switch and wall outlet operation and conditions.
  • Shock or electrocution hazards.
  • Verify that the arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are operating properly.
  • Verify all safety and security lighting.
  • Confirmation of grounding systems.
  • Validation of appropriate surge protection.
  • Verification of the proper placement of smoke detectors.
  • Testing of smoke detectors.
  • Testing of carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspection of the electrical panel for appropriate labels, amps, and operation.
  • An examination of outdoor electrical systems.
  • A detailed, prioritized report on all areas of attention concerning the electrical system of your home.

Our inspectors will provide a detailed checklist that includes areas in need of immediate attention as well as recommendations for improvements, and potential upgrade possibilities. Mardel Electrical Contractor will provide you with a thorough examination of your entire electrical system. In order to ensure that all electrical wires, systems, and components, such as appliances in your home, meet safety criteria.! We will make sure your Ridgewood home is safe, functional and hazard free!

Call the experts at Mardel Electrical Contractor

Our professionals have comprehensive knowledge of electrical circuits, wiring, fuses, breakers and more! You can trust us because we are one of the leading companies in the industry and have worked hard to earn our clients trust. Mardel Electrical Contractor is what your home needs in all areas concerning electricity!