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Commercial Electrician, Residential Electrician and Industrial Electrician
Located in Montvale serving Teaneck, Ridgewood and Hackensack areas

Why Do I Need A Saddle River NJ Electrician? I Can Handle This...

Unfortunately, most people who think this way end up hurting themselves. Electricity is nothing to play with under the best of circumstances. You may be spending thousands of dollars in hospital bills just trying to safe a few bucks by not hiring a professional, trained, Saddle River NJ electrician.

At Mardel Electrical Contractor, we strive to provide the most efficient Saddle River NJ electrical services at the most affordable prices so that you do not have to put your health or your life in jeopardy trying to handle something you are not qualified to do. Trust us to listen to your needs, explain our course of action and perform most any Saddle River NJ electrical work within your budget. Your safety and that of your family are not worth you handling something as dangerous as an electrical problem.

We Are Just Like Family...With Electrical Training, That Is.

At Mardel Electrical Contractor, we believe in treating each and every one of our customers with respect, a friendly approach and the commitment and dependability that you deserve. Our esteemed customers are what makes us work hard every day to ensure that every home and family are safe and sound, and do not have to live with a Saddle River NJ electrical problem for days or even weeks before their call is returned.

Mardel Electrical Contractor offers electrical services to the greater Saddle River NJ area for most any electrical need or situation, and we offer very competitive prices that will fit most any budget. And while you may not let Uncle Bob "have a look at that faulty outlet", you know you can trust our trained and experienced Saddle River NJ electricians to not only have a look but fix the problem all the while treating you and your family with as much friendliness and respect as you would expect from relatives.

Our expert Saddle River NJ electricians have years of experience dealing with both large and small Saddle River NJ electrical projects. No matter your needs, Mardel Electrical Contractor is there for you. From simple wiring to major electrical failure in your home or dwelling, we can help. We will also be happy to answer your questions and offer you a free quote over the phone or in person.

Unlike other Saddle River NJ electrical companies, Mardel Electrical Contractor does not presume to know what is best for you and your unique situation without first listening to your needs and the electrical problems you are experiencing. Your satisfaction is of utmost important to us, so we always take the time to understand exactly what you expect and what will and will not work for you. We also ensure that we keep you up to date on our progress and any issue we might uncover while we work to fix your Saddle River NJ electrical problem.

Trust Mardel Electrical Contractor to quickly and efficiently get you back to your daily activities. We await your call, and guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Mardel Electrical Contractor, we understand how frustrating (and, in some cases, dangerous) it can be to live with an electrical problem. This is why we strive to respond to your call quickly and efficiently fix your electrical issue so that you can go back to your daily activities quickly and in the safest manner possible.

We are also proud to offer an emergency electrical response system to everyone living in the greater Saddle River NJ area. If you find yourself in need of electrical advice or help, please do not delay and give Mardel Electrical Contractor a call today. Someone will be happy to listen to your needs and even offer you a free quote on our electrical services.

If you're looking for a professional Saddle River NJ electrician, then please give us a call today at (201) 930-1830 or complete our online form.


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